Introduction to Child Development

Perhaps children are the flowers of garden and every one wants to have them. They are great blessing of God indeed. Their giggling and babbling sounds makes us feel happy and joyous.

To keep them with proper care and see them grow in front of us is really a wonderful activity. Taking care of children is if a task on one hand then to enjoy their behaviors, psychology and activities is also a great fun.

Every child has its own nature. Some are shy some are bold some are reserve some are dull some are sharp some are genius some are thinkers some are outspoken and some are nerds of course…

Understanding the nature and psychology of every child is very important. By handle the children according to their psychology and nature parents can develop their character positively and make them feel that parents are their true friends.

Child development is a vast topic to have discussion over. It has variety of topics related to:

  • Handling and tackling of children
  • Problems and solutions regarding behaviour of children
  • Discussing about the aptitude and attitude of children
  • Diet plan
  • Problems and solutions regarding studies
  • Abnormal behaviors and their solutions
  • Discussion about peer group, teacher behaviour towards children
  • Discussion about health issues etc

Mostly there is absolutely a reason behind any wrong behaviour and attitude of children which they show in stress, frustration and anger. Parents can reveal their problems by discussion and by having friendly relationship with children.

If on the initial stage children are handled with harsh words and behaviour then they will hide their feelings and problems and gradually they will involve into criminal activities.

The awareness about the scope of child development is not so much to parents as well as to overall society. Here we are giving you a platform to discuss your issues related to the children. Feel free to comment us and give feedback to us.




Parley Herbal Whitening Cream Reviews and Price

Parley Herbal Whitening Cream Review and Price in Pakistan

In the world, researches have proved that avocado has rich minerals and vitamins which are beneficial for skin. Vitamins A,B,D, Magnesium, Copper, Iron, Amino Acid and Folic Acid are extremely essential for the skin as they penetrate to the bottom layer of skin. Fatty acid balanced the moisture in the skin and make it 100% fairer, moisturized, glowing and attractive. Steroline which known to reduce the appearance to aging and to provide relief from sun damage. Collegen maintains the structure and elasticity of the skin and regenerates it which gives you beautiful, glowing skin with the guarantee of Parley. Note: Don’t massage the cream. If your skin is sensitive and use of cream makes rashes or itching stop using and continue it after some days.

Is the Parley Herbal Whitening Cream Right for me

Yes, if you need more than just a whitening cream. It not only lightens your skin, but also helps prevent dark spots, skin darkening and protects from UVA & UVB rays.

Proven Results in 4 Weeks

  • Skin softer more radiant and even-toned
  • Dark Spots Visibly Reduces
  • Gives you a Healthy fair Look

Parley Herbal Whitening Cream Price in Pakistan

Retail Price of Parley Whitening Cream in Pakistan is Rs. 350/-


Hurain Whitening Cream

Hurain Whitening Cream
Hurain Whitening Cream

HURAIN, power light 15 SPF, is an excellent cream for beauty and for whitening color. Your skin gets effected with daily sunlight, pollution and dust etc.Which cause black spots and blackness of your colour. HURAIN produces power light. Its very first application adds so much to your beauty that you cannot imagine. A nice, wonderful and surprising change comes to your beauty on the first application of HURAIN. It has rich ingredients that separate black dead cells from your skin making your skin soft, shining, white and galmouring. Colour gets clear and white day by day its daily use.
This cream is rich with natural cogic acid peliminates and protects skin from black spots. You will see that black spots are disappearing by the use of the cream. PSF 15 protects your skin from sun stroke and removes black sports. Now gets beauty from the use of this cream. It gives such a performance that you will see yourself.

INGREDIENTS: Cogic Acid D: It is natural agent for whitening the colour of skin and reduces black spots occurring on the skin. It is a combination of UN rays fruit and vegetable which is helpful in whitening the skin.
Whiteness your skin in five Days.
Removes Acne and pimples in 3 Days.
Removes Dark Spots and in 14 days.
Directions for use: To whitening face, use cream twice a day, protecting eyes.

A Pakistani Registered Product manufactured by FAIZA ENTERPRISES


Natural Fairness Tips

Natural Fairness Tips
Natural Fairness Tips

Your skin reflects you. Being the most sensitive part of body it needs extra care and effort to make it smooth and supple. Clear skin gives you relaxation and you look like stress free. Fair skin is the dream of every girl. When you go out skin gets damaged due to dust, sunlight, smoke, pollution. Colour of skin gets dim and skin gets pimples and it gets rough and dry.To keep you skin bright, fresh and fair is no more difficult. You don’t need to buy any chemical rich products or creams. Just you can care for your skin by simple, easy and quick tips which are natural and homemade to get white and fair enough skin.

Easy Fairness Tips:

To get instant fairness and clarity. By continuous use gradually skin tone will get light and freshness will be visible on your face. Products and natural things available at home can bring your satisfaction back. You can’t even wonder that these things by using properly can bring about a lot of benefits. Natural vegetables and fruits are best for this cause. Here are some natural and easy fairness tips.

  • Milk and yogurt, both are amazing ingredients for skin’s fairness. Add bit of lemon juice into milk and massage onto your face. All dirt will be removed and face will be fresh.
  •  Gram flour paste, scrub onto your face, also use it as a face wash. It lightens skin tone.
  •  Cucumber paste, or juice scrub is the best treatment for dry as well as oily skin.
  • For people who do not take egg in their diet, can use it on face. Take white part of egg and mix along with honey, a good mask to use.
  •  Honey and lemon, the best combination and an easy way to keep your skin clear, bright and smooth.
  • To enhance face beauty, use aloe vera paste on your skin, mix it with honey or you can use it raw. It clarifies skin, detoxifies, helps in getting rid of pimples.
  •  Papaya extract,juice or scrub on your face it acts as a cleanser and remove dirt and dry cells.
  •  Orange peel really helps in fairness, as lemon do. Citric acid lightens skin complexion.
  •  Use Lemon, the most thing found in every house. Lemon juice massage on your face, lightens the skin tone and naturally brights your complexion.
  •  One quick remedy is to apply banana pulp on your face, leave for some time and rinse with cold water.
  •  Rose water cleansing should be done once in a weak.
  • Take tomato juice and mix some rosewater in it, add some honey and make a face mask. Apply to face once in a week for natural glow.
  •  Raw Potato paste, or potato extract, juice massage is helpful for clear, spotless skin.
  •  Avoid sunlight direct contact, use a good sun screen before going out.
  • Don’t spoil your face by using too much chemical containing products. Use natural products.

Fair skin, can be attained by using just some simple steps. Natural fairness tips helps your skin to look soft, supple and bright. Leaving no harmful effects


Rosewater For Skin

Rosewater For Skin
Rosewater For Skin

Rosewater for skin is an excellent toner and cleanser. It is a natural thing that can bring about softness, smoothness and freshness on your skin. It has a lot of benefits and uses. Rosewater keeps your skin fresh as rose and it is an active ingredients of products used for freshness. It maintains skin regime and glow.

Rosewater And Your Skin:

Applying rosewater for skin in various ways enhances skin glow and enrich it with freshness. It helps curing dry and dull face. It helps gaining softness of skin. It not only gives clear skin, but works on face, body, lips and eyes as well.

For Skin Glow:

Dip a cotton ball in rose water and apply onto your face. Do this regularly. It will freshens and glorifies skin.

For Face Mask:

Take tomato juice and mix some rosewater in it, add some honey and make a face mask. Apply to face once in a week for natural glow.

For Face Pack:

Make some cucumber paste and add rosewater in it. Apply to face leave for 10 minutes and wash. Apply honey for 10 minutes and clean it by cotton dipped in rose water leave it unwashed for sometime and then wash your face.

For Face Wash:

Mix rosewater and some glycerine and shake them well. It is the best face wash for your skin. But first check it on a part of your arm, in case of any allergic reaction do not use.

For Eye Care:

Dip cucumber slices in rosewater and chill them. After some time place them onto your eyes. It will help out getting rid of stress.

For Cleansing:

After cleansing and facial, apply cold rosewater on cotton and massage it thoroughly to skin it will give fragrance to skin and will provide extra effect as a toner.

For Fair Colour:

Rosewater and lemon juice mixed in equal quantity and apply to body and face for fair colour.

For Daily Care:

Add few drops of rosewater to your daily cream, lotion or moisturizer. It will enhance the effect and hydrate your skin. Before applying any cream you can apply few drops of rosewater to your skin.

For Lip Scrub:

Mix rosewater and honey, add a drop of milk and this is the best scrub for your lip care. It exfoliate lips and removes dry cells and dirt out.

Best Three Face Masks:

  • Lemon juice 1 Tablespoon, Honey 2 Tablespoon, Rose Water 1  Tablespoon, Milk 1 Teaspoon. Mix all of these, and form a paste. Apply onto face and massage. Leave for half an hour. Rinse with cold water and clean face with cotton dipped in rose water.
  • Take Lemon Juice 1 Tablespoon, Rose Water 2 Tablespoons, Cucumber Paste  (Thick) 2 Tablespoons. Mix and massage gently on face. Rinse with cold water and clean face with cotton dipped in rose water.
  • Mix Rose Water 2 Tablespoons, Glycerin 1 Tablespoon, Lemon Juice 1 Tablespoon. Mix all of these, and form a paste. Apply onto face and massage. Face face two times a day from this paste.

Benefits For Skin:

  • Natural ingredient for pimple removal.
  • It enhances skin glow after continuous use.
  • It hydrates and moisturize skin.
  • It naturally heals skin’s dry cells.
  • It protects skin from itching and irritation by dirt.
  • It lowers skin’s pH.
  • Rosewater revitalize aged skin.
  • It helps curing acne.
  • Act as a facial cleanser and toner.

Benefits For Eyes:

  • Rosewater helps in getting rid of stress.
  • It removes puffiness of eyes.
  • Helps preventing dark circles.
  • Act as a soother and coolant for eye.
  • Help to remove irritation and red eyes.
  • Can improve eye sight.


hair fall remedies
hair fall remedies

Hair fall is a major growing problems among ladies and teenagers too. This major problem arises due to some internal body deficiencies or it can be genetic. Sometimes hair fall occurs due to environmental conditions and climatic problems, some contaminated water or products. Chemical rich shampoos and other products. Poor diet and mineral deficiency also effect your hair growth. Problems like dry scalp and frizzy hair, dandruff may occur and it could lead to hair fall and dry hair. But instead of using more chemical products one should use natural hair fall remedies for hair care and to stop hair fall.


The best way is to do oiling, use natural oils instead of artificial ones. Use essential oils and massage it over scalp and hair. Mustard oil, coconut oil and olive oil are the best one to do oiling. Mix them or individually apply onto hair.


Avoid using heat, or such products like straighteners, hair dryers, iron rods. These products open up hair’s pores and makes them rough and frizzy. Cold water should be used for bath instead of hot. It tightens hair pores and make them intact.


Cutting hair and trimming is the best part for hair care. Roots should be  treated by oil whereas, ends of hair should be trimmed monthly. It helps in getting rid of old and dry hair and it improvise hair growth.


Henna is a natural hair coloring product. It softens hair giving them a shiny look. It should be applied once in a month to keep hair shiny. But artificial one should be avoided.


Use natural remedies like Onion Oil or Onion Extract and apply onto scalp it will enhance hair growth. Use proper diet like eggs, milk and vegetables. Protein intake should be increased. Vitamin A and D supplements should be enhanced. In summers drink plenty of water to fulfill body’s nutrient requirement.


For hair care avoid sun contact, keep any hat or scarf on our head so that sun heat may not damage hair. Do a lot of combing, specially before going to bed with wide tooth comb. Don’t leave your hair open while going out, make sure to tie them up properly.

Instead of eating healthy products like yogurt and egg do apply them to hair too. It will keep them soft.  Most of the times keep your hair oiled and use less shampoo, eventually hair growth will be faster and dryness will be reduced.




Tips for beautiful healthy long hair for teenage, females and ladies. Healthy n beautiful hair are just two minutes reading away. Growing healthy beautiful hair in your control now. Please read these homemade tips for healthy and beautiful hair.

Having long, soft, shiny and healthy looking hair is the wish of every lady. Hair are the real beauty of a woman. Beauty f hair gives her a charm and natural style. Girls are very conscious about their hair, they tend to make new hairstyles but often, the styling can cause unpredictable damage to hair, which results hair loss, breakage, roughness and frizzy hair. Natural tips are the easiest way to resolve such problems. Average hair growth is 0.5mm per day, this depends upon many genetic factors as well as diet of the person. You can maintain a natural look for effective growth by following ways.

Oil Massage:

Provide your hair proper oil. By oiling pores of your head get proper nourishment and it goes upto roots. Which eliminates roughness and give a shine and softness to your natural hair.

Egg and Yogurt:

Once in a week, make a mixture of egg and yogurt you can also add some oil in it. Apply onto your hair and leave for couple of hours. Rinse off gently. It provides your hair softness, Egg provides proteins and maintain moisture of your hair. It is the best hair mask.

Honey and Lemon:

Honey & lemon are two multipurpose ingredients. Mixture of both is made and applied on hair to get extreme shine. It keeps hair healthy and provides a natural glow.


Using aloe vera is one of the best way to grow long hair. Its a natural herb which helps to strengthen your hair. Its pulp is applied on weak roots to provide them strength and grow them long.

Brushing Your Hair:

Wet hair is weaker than dry hair, so don’t ever brush or use a fine-toothed comb on your hair when it is wet. After washing and towel drying your hair, only use a wide-toothed comb to detangle it, smoothly brush from root to tip.