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Natural Homemade Tips For Fair Colour Using Lemon

Natural Homemade Tips For Fair Colour Using Lemon
Natural Homemade Tips For Fair Colour Using Lemon

Getting a beautiful and glowing and young looking skin is the wish of every girl. Using natural tips is the best way as compared to any other market product. Here are some excellent and useful tips which are easy to use and highly effective for a glowing skin and avoiding skin problems.

Homemade Beauty Tips for Fair Color

Using Orange, Lemon & Baking Soda Remedy:

Take Orange juice, Lemon juice and little bit of Baking Soda. Mix them well and form a paste. And apply onto face as mask then, rinse off after sometime. Your face will get a brighter look and skin tone will be lightened and face will look naturally fresh.

Using Lemon & Turmeric Tip:

Mix some lemon juice and turmeric powder and form a paste, apply on face colour will get fairer as well as, scars and spots on face will be vanished.

Using Lemon Grass & Fuller’s Earth Remedy:

Lemon is a natural ingredient, effective for skin. Using Lemon grass, lemon juice and Fuller’s earth (Multani Mitti), paste of all three and used as a face pack. Apply and rinse. Get a natural glow on face.

Using Tomato & Lemon Juice Tips:

Mix Tomato juice and lemon juice, and apply onto face. Wait for sometime and wash the face. You’ll get a brighter look.

Using Lemon & Honey Remedy:

Take Honey and lemon juice, mix them well and apply on face. Wait a little time, than wash it away. One of the best home-made face mask.