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Introduction to Child Development

Perhaps children are the flowers of garden and every one wants to have them. They are great blessing of God indeed. Their giggling and babbling sounds makes us feel happy and joyous.

To keep them with proper care and see them grow in front of us is really a wonderful activity. Taking care of children is if a task on one hand then to enjoy their behaviors, psychology and activities is also a great fun.

Every child has its own nature. Some are shy some are bold some are reserve some are dull some are sharp some are genius some are thinkers some are outspoken and some are nerds of course…

Understanding the nature and psychology of every child is very important. By handle the children according to their psychology and nature parents can develop their character positively and make them feel that parents are their true friends.

Child development is a vast topic to have discussion over. It has variety of topics related to:

  • Handling and tackling of children
  • Problems and solutions regarding behaviour of children
  • Discussing about the aptitude and attitude of children
  • Diet plan
  • Problems and solutions regarding studies
  • Abnormal behaviors and their solutions
  • Discussion about peer group, teacher behaviour towards children
  • Discussion about health issues etc

Mostly there is absolutely a reason behind any wrong behaviour and attitude of children which they show in stress, frustration and anger. Parents can reveal their problems by discussion and by having friendly relationship with children.

If on the initial stage children are handled with harsh words and behaviour then they will hide their feelings and problems and gradually they will involve into criminal activities.

The awareness about the scope of child development is not so much to parents as well as to overall society. Here we are giving you a platform to discuss your issues related to the children. Feel free to comment us and give feedback to us.