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Natural Homemade Tips & Remedies For Acne Face

Natural Homemade Tips For Acne Face
Natural Homemade Tips For Acne Face

Acne on face is the most common problem among girls. It ruins the whole grace and beauty of the face. As well as face looks dull. But to get rid from it is easy, and here are some quality tips to remove acne from your face and get a glowing and fresh look.

Homemade Remedies For Acne Face

Using Garlic & Milk Fat:

For acne face mix Garlic juice and thick fat layer of milk, make a paste and apply onto face. Leave for couple of minutes and was it away. Your will see effective result after using till sometime and face will gain freshness and softness.

Using Barley flour & Turmeric Remedies:

Use Barley flour and turmeric powder in form of paste. It lightens the face tone . For acne use lemon juice and a bit salt and apply the paste. It gives you rid from scars as well.

Honey & Yogurt Remedies:

Make  paste of natural honey and one tablespoon yogurt,  apply on acne areas and leave  over night for a treatment. Useful results are seen.

Using Gram flour & Milk Tips:

Use  gram flour with milk and use as daily face wash to prevent acne, It will give a glowing effect to face and will remove dirt and lighten spots from face.

Using Cucumber Homemade Tips:

Cucumber is used as a natural toner. You can make its paste or take out the juice and rub it thoroughly over skin and acne areas. Visible difference is observed.