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hair fall remedies

Hair fall is a major growing problems among ladies and teenagers too. This major problem arises due to some internal body deficiencies or it can be genetic. Sometimes hair fall occurs due to environmental conditions and climatic problems, some contaminated water or products. Chemical rich shampoos and other products. Poor diet and mineral deficiency also effect your hair growth. Problems like dry scalp and frizzy hair, dandruff may occur and it could lead to hair fall and dry hair. But instead of using more chemical products one should use natural hair fall remedies for hair care and to stop hair fall.


The best way is to do oiling, use natural oils instead of artificial ones. Use essential oils and massage it over scalp and hair. Mustard oil, coconut oil and olive oil are the best one to do oiling. Mix them or individually apply onto hair.


Avoid using heat, or such products like straighteners, hair dryers, iron rods. These products open up hair’s pores and makes them rough and frizzy. Cold water should be used for bath instead of hot. It tightens hair pores and make them intact.


Cutting hair and trimming is the best part for hair care. Roots should be  treated by oil whereas, ends of hair should be trimmed monthly. It helps in getting rid of old and dry hair and it improvise hair growth.


Henna is a natural hair coloring product. It softens hair giving them a shiny look. It should be applied once in a month to keep hair shiny. But artificial one should be avoided.


Use natural remedies like Onion Oil or Onion Extract and apply onto scalp it will enhance hair growth. Use proper diet like eggs, milk and vegetables. Protein intake should be increased. Vitamin A and D supplements should be enhanced. In summers drink plenty of water to fulfill body’s nutrient requirement.


For hair care avoid sun contact, keep any hat or scarf on our head so that sun heat may not damage hair. Do a lot of combing, specially before going to bed with wide tooth comb. Don’t leave your hair open while going out, make sure to tie them up properly.

Instead of eating healthy products like yogurt and egg do apply them to hair too. It will keep them soft.  Most of the times keep your hair oiled and use less shampoo, eventually hair growth will be faster and dryness will be reduced.