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Natural Fairness Tips

Natural Fairness Tips
Natural Fairness Tips

Your skin reflects you. Being the most sensitive part of body it needs extra care and effort to make it smooth and supple. Clear skin gives you relaxation and you look like stress free. Fair skin is the dream of every girl. When you go out skin gets damaged due to dust, sunlight, smoke, pollution. Colour of skin gets dim and skin gets pimples and it gets rough and dry.To keep you skin bright, fresh and fair is no more difficult. You don’t need to buy any chemical rich products or creams. Just you can care for your skin by simple, easy and quick tips which are natural and homemade to get white and fair enough skin.

Easy Fairness Tips:

To get instant fairness and clarity. By continuous use gradually skin tone will get light and freshness will be visible on your face. Products and natural things available at home can bring your satisfaction back. You can’t even wonder that these things by using properly can bring about a lot of benefits. Natural vegetables and fruits are best for this cause. Here are some natural and easy fairness tips.

  • Milk and yogurt, both are amazing ingredients for skin’s fairness. Add bit of lemon juice into milk and massage onto your face. All dirt will be removed and face will be fresh.
  •  Gram flour paste, scrub onto your face, also use it as a face wash. It lightens skin tone.
  •  Cucumber paste, or juice scrub is the best treatment for dry as well as oily skin.
  • For people who do not take egg in their diet, can use it on face. Take white part of egg and mix along with honey, a good mask to use.
  •  Honey and lemon, the best combination and an easy way to keep your skin clear, bright and smooth.
  • To enhance face beauty, use aloe vera paste on your skin, mix it with honey or you can use it raw. It clarifies skin, detoxifies, helps in getting rid of pimples.
  •  Papaya extract,juice or scrub on your face it acts as a cleanser and remove dirt and dry cells.
  •  Orange peel really helps in fairness, as lemon do. Citric acid lightens skin complexion.
  •  Use Lemon, the most thing found in every house. Lemon juice massage on your face, lightens the skin tone and naturally brights your complexion.
  •  One quick remedy is to apply banana pulp on your face, leave for some time and rinse with cold water.
  •  Rose water cleansing should be done once in a weak.
  • Take tomato juice and mix some rosewater in it, add some honey and make a face mask. Apply to face once in a week for natural glow.
  •  Raw Potato paste, or potato extract, juice massage is helpful for clear, spotless skin.
  •  Avoid sunlight direct contact, use a good sun screen before going out.
  • Don’t spoil your face by using too much chemical containing products. Use natural products.

Fair skin, can be attained by using just some simple steps. Natural fairness tips helps your skin to look soft, supple and bright. Leaving no harmful effects