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Rosewater For Skin

Rosewater For Skin
Rosewater For Skin

Rosewater for skin is an excellent toner and cleanser. It is a natural thing that can bring about softness, smoothness and freshness on your skin. It has a lot of benefits and uses. Rosewater keeps your skin fresh as rose and it is an active ingredients of products used for freshness. It maintains skin regime and glow.

Rosewater And Your Skin:

Applying rosewater for skin in various ways enhances skin glow and enrich it with freshness. It helps curing dry and dull face. It helps gaining softness of skin. It not only gives clear skin, but works on face, body, lips and eyes as well.

For Skin Glow:

Dip a cotton ball in rose water and apply onto your face. Do this regularly. It will freshens and glorifies skin.

For Face Mask:

Take tomato juice and mix some rosewater in it, add some honey and make a face mask. Apply to face once in a week for natural glow.

For Face Pack:

Make some cucumber paste and add rosewater in it. Apply to face leave for 10 minutes and wash. Apply honey for 10 minutes and clean it by cotton dipped in rose water leave it unwashed for sometime and then wash your face.

For Face Wash:

Mix rosewater and some glycerine and shake them well. It is the best face wash for your skin. But first check it on a part of your arm, in case of any allergic reaction do not use.

For Eye Care:

Dip cucumber slices in rosewater and chill them. After some time place them onto your eyes. It will help out getting rid of stress.

For Cleansing:

After cleansing and facial, apply cold rosewater on cotton and massage it thoroughly to skin it will give fragrance to skin and will provide extra effect as a toner.

For Fair Colour:

Rosewater and lemon juice mixed in equal quantity and apply to body and face for fair colour.

For Daily Care:

Add few drops of rosewater to your daily cream, lotion or moisturizer. It will enhance the effect and hydrate your skin. Before applying any cream you can apply few drops of rosewater to your skin.

For Lip Scrub:

Mix rosewater and honey, add a drop of milk and this is the best scrub for your lip care. It exfoliate lips and removes dry cells and dirt out.

Best Three Face Masks:

  • Lemon juice 1 Tablespoon, Honey 2 Tablespoon, Rose Water 1  Tablespoon, Milk 1 Teaspoon. Mix all of these, and form a paste. Apply onto face and massage. Leave for half an hour. Rinse with cold water and clean face with cotton dipped in rose water.
  • Take Lemon Juice 1 Tablespoon, Rose Water 2 Tablespoons, Cucumber Paste  (Thick) 2 Tablespoons. Mix and massage gently on face. Rinse with cold water and clean face with cotton dipped in rose water.
  • Mix Rose Water 2 Tablespoons, Glycerin 1 Tablespoon, Lemon Juice 1 Tablespoon. Mix all of these, and form a paste. Apply onto face and massage. Face face two times a day from this paste.

Benefits For Skin:

  • Natural ingredient for pimple removal.
  • It enhances skin glow after continuous use.
  • It hydrates and moisturize skin.
  • It naturally heals skin’s dry cells.
  • It protects skin from itching and irritation by dirt.
  • It lowers skin’s pH.
  • Rosewater revitalize aged skin.
  • It helps curing acne.
  • Act as a facial cleanser and toner.

Benefits For Eyes:

  • Rosewater helps in getting rid of stress.
  • It removes puffiness of eyes.
  • Helps preventing dark circles.
  • Act as a soother and coolant for eye.
  • Help to remove irritation and red eyes.
  • Can improve eye sight.

Honey And Beauty Tips and Benefits

Honey And Beauty
Honey And Beauty

Honey And Beauty Tips and Benefits for teenage girls. Easy homemade Honey tips for beauty and beautiful sensitive skin.

For getting a flawless and fresh skin, using natural ingredients is the best choice. Honey is multi-purpose natural ingredient that is used as a healthy source as a food as well as a beauty product. Cosmetics can damage your skin, as they contain hazardous chemical about which we are unknown. Using a natural thing gives your sure signs of care for your skin.
Honey can be used in many ways.

Homemade Honey Beauty Tips for Face

Honey and Egg:

Make a paste of  honey mixed with one egg as it helps in tighten your skin.  Keep yourself stress free, and get enough sleep.

Honey and Raw Milk:

Best face pack which helps in fading spots and moisturizes  the skin. Mix honey and raw milk, massage onto face and rinse off with lukewarm water.

Honey and Banana:

To reduce the blemishes on the face, take a ripe banana and mash it, add some honey, massage on your skin. After sometime rinse it off. It will give use skin a brighter glow after regular usage.

Honey and Tomato:

Blend honey and tomato to make a thick paste. Apply this paste on your skin for sometime and wash it off. Tomato also helps the pack offer bleaching properties, thus giving you achieve clean skin.

Honey and Lemon:

Amazing and best tip ever, helps preventing acne, and fades blemishes without being too harsh on the skin. Honey moisturizes and stops new acne from forming. Clean your face, then apply the Lemon and honey mixture and let it remain for sometime and wash it off.


Natural Homemade Tips & Remedies For Acne Face

Natural Homemade Tips For Acne Face
Natural Homemade Tips For Acne Face

Acne on face is the most common problem among girls. It ruins the whole grace and beauty of the face. As well as face looks dull. But to get rid from it is easy, and here are some quality tips to remove acne from your face and get a glowing and fresh look.

Homemade Remedies For Acne Face

Using Garlic & Milk Fat:

For acne face mix Garlic juice and thick fat layer of milk, make a paste and apply onto face. Leave for couple of minutes and was it away. Your will see effective result after using till sometime and face will gain freshness and softness.

Using Barley flour & Turmeric Remedies:

Use Barley flour and turmeric powder in form of paste. It lightens the face tone . For acne use lemon juice and a bit salt and apply the paste. It gives you rid from scars as well.

Honey & Yogurt Remedies:

Make  paste of natural honey and one tablespoon yogurt,  apply on acne areas and leave  over night for a treatment. Useful results are seen.

Using Gram flour & Milk Tips:

Use  gram flour with milk and use as daily face wash to prevent acne, It will give a glowing effect to face and will remove dirt and lighten spots from face.

Using Cucumber Homemade Tips:

Cucumber is used as a natural toner. You can make its paste or take out the juice and rub it thoroughly over skin and acne areas. Visible difference is observed.


Natural Homemade Tips For Fair Colour Using Lemon

Natural Homemade Tips For Fair Colour Using Lemon
Natural Homemade Tips For Fair Colour Using Lemon

Getting a beautiful and glowing and young looking skin is the wish of every girl. Using natural tips is the best way as compared to any other market product. Here are some excellent and useful tips which are easy to use and highly effective for a glowing skin and avoiding skin problems.

Homemade Beauty Tips for Fair Color

Using Orange, Lemon & Baking Soda Remedy:

Take Orange juice, Lemon juice and little bit of Baking Soda. Mix them well and form a paste. And apply onto face as mask then, rinse off after sometime. Your face will get a brighter look and skin tone will be lightened and face will look naturally fresh.

Using Lemon & Turmeric Tip:

Mix some lemon juice and turmeric powder and form a paste, apply on face colour will get fairer as well as, scars and spots on face will be vanished.

Using Lemon Grass & Fuller’s Earth Remedy:

Lemon is a natural ingredient, effective for skin. Using Lemon grass, lemon juice and Fuller’s earth (Multani Mitti), paste of all three and used as a face pack. Apply and rinse. Get a natural glow on face.

Using Tomato & Lemon Juice Tips:

Mix Tomato juice and lemon juice, and apply onto face. Wait for sometime and wash the face. You’ll get a brighter look.

Using Lemon & Honey Remedy:

Take Honey and lemon juice, mix them well and apply on face. Wait a little time, than wash it away. One of the best home-made face mask.