Sunsilk Soft And Smooth Shampoo Reviews

sunsilk soft and smooth shampoo review
sunsilk soft and smooth shampoo review

Sunsilk Dream Soft and Smooth Shampoo is created using, Ceramide Egg Complex, is the ideal shampoo for dry hair which has been specially crafted to make your hair soft and smooth. Co-created with Thomas Taw, it cleanses even the driest and roughest of hair while the conditioner acts as a softening agent to rebalance hair condition while creating an outer protection layer to seal in moisture.

How To Apply:

Take shampoo on your palm and gently massage over hair and roots. Leave for couple of minutes and rinse.


Gentle and Effective, removes oil easily, even a small quantity lathers well. Pleasing fragrance and contains extracts of egg yolk and almond oil


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  1. The quality of this shampoo is presence of Oil, Egg and Yogurt. Theses are the basics for getting, soft, smooth and silky hair. It's latest formula brings your hair to a new state that you even haven't thought. I've used it for a long time. Pleasant and lasting fragrance.Removes dirt and Oil effectively. After washing, hair don't get dry. Visible difference can be seen. For better results use with same conditioner and oil your hair before washing.


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