Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Reviews

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Reviews
Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Reviews

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is the best product made. A multipurpose product, that must be present in every house. Use it daily all over your body, even your face, Heals dry skin, Helps protect minor cuts, scrapes and burns. Protects skin from wind burn and chapping. Reduces the appearance of fine, dry lines. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly contains no colors, fragrances or irritants. It is natural as well as the key ingredient is natural. Hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic. Skin caring product, can be used on skin, eyebrows, on lashes, lips etc. Really amazing and effective lubricant. Whenever there is any cut or dryness an overnight use is beneficial, visible difference can be seen.


Can be used with lotion, for hydration. As a lubricant and for oiling purposes on dry areas.


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  1. I have used vaseline for so many years, even as a child. It has so many good uses and is so cheap! When I can't find my lip balm I end up using vaseline so it is a good lip product alternative. Vaseline also makes a great eye make up remover as it won't irritate your eyes and comes off very smoothly with cotton. I also heard that rubbing vaseline on your eyelashes can make them long. Vaseline is essential to everyday life. Prevents crustyness and ashiness. It's the best cuticle & nail moisturizer, my nails grow healthier when I treat them nightly with vaseline. No peeling or yellowing. Just very long, healthy looking nails!


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