Garnier Light Facial Scrub Reviews

Garnier Light Facial Scrub Reviews
Garnier Light Facial Scrub Reviews

Garnier Light Facial Scrub has pure lemon essence which is dermatologically tested and it claims, fairness and anti-tan specially made for all skin types, effectively cleanse the skin for optimum brightening results. Micro beads gently remove impurities and gently exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft, smooth and even looking. Enriched with purifying agents has a unique double action. Purifies pores from deep down cleansing without grains. Remove sebum, impurities and traces of makeup. Extract of methanol gives your skin cool and soothing effect. It’s a gel based scrub, so those with oily skin can also use it.The beads are very gentle, so do not scrub the skin very harshly and can be used on alternative days.The packing is quite sturdy.  Does remove tan when used regularly and also, leaves the skin luminous. Ingredients: key ingredients are lemon fruit extract, jojoba esters and parabens. How To Use: Apply onto face, massage with finger tips. Rinse off. Use twice daily. Results: Enriched with pure lemon essence, which lightens the skin tone cleanses and clarifies the skin and remove impurities.


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  1. I honestly think Garnier Light Gentle Exfoliating Scrub is an incredible product, what works for me. So to be a little more helpful, let me recommend this to those whom I think would appreciate this more. This could be a bit drying to the skin so I would strongly recommend this to those with normal, combination and even oily skin type. However, if you have dry to extremely dry skin, I think this could only dry out your skin skin further. For some, the smell may be a little overpowering.
    The claims of fairness are not exactly met but anti-tan is a claim which it manages to make true.


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