Faiza Whitening Beauty Cream Reviews

Faiza Beauty Cream Reviews
Faiza Beauty Cream Reviews

Faiza Whitening Beauty Cream Reviews. Faiza cream uses and reviews

To remove pimples freckles and blackness of the face. Faiza Beauty Cream is used for spotless, beautiful and white color Face. Within few days of usage, you will feel the difference.

Faiza Beauty Cream is the latest product in market. Company claims that using this cream for couple of days removes pimples from the face. If applied on ares of dark spots, they can be reduced. It enhances you face color by lightening skin tone. Users have observed best results when applied two times a day and specially over night applying have proven great results.

How To Use:

Apply cream to face and massage through whole face covering dark spots areas. Under eyes, on forehead massage cream well. For good results apply two times a day.


Some people have observed excellent results and they wish to continue it. But some had worse effects. It can be the reason that some people are using other chemical products too. OR they had already chemically treated their faces with many of the products and made their facial skin resistant of the effects of cream.


For people who have not applied any chemical products before or they don’t use such products but still have dull and pimpled face, they should give this cream a try for sure.The facebook official page of Faiza Beauty Cream also claims that they won the best cream award in 2014.

We just provide you reviews written by our visitors and their experiences before and after using this or any other cream.

The Best way to keep your skin fair and glowing without side effects is to use natural fairness tips. You can find effective tips here http://cutestep.com/product/natural-fairness-tips/ 


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  1. i hav used this creme for bout 4 month now,it does make my skin beatiful and bright but no side effects..i thnk it better when used purely.pipl advisd me 2 mix it with dermovate 4 best result,bt steroids are very harsh 2 our skin&health.so Careful Xx

    1. I tried faiza beauty cream, I used it for 8- 12 month after that my skin become darker and darker, i visited dermatologist after that, dermatologist told me to stop using this cream and gave me lumix cream, now a m back to my original color, guys be safe with these type of harsh creams, sometimes you will never get back.

      1. my skin is burned bcz faiza cream...is lumix will help to back to my original colour and skin???rply fast

        1. My skin is also burned...I don't know what to do...visited many dematologists but nothing happened good....very worried about my skin plzzzzzzzz help me

      2. Hai salma
        My name is jafar am using this cream for more than one year still am feard about this.pls tells a suitable way to regains my face

      3. Salma pls tell me that where did u bought that lumix cream in Pakistan?I'd it available in Lahore?

      4. Salma plz tell me k ap kis dermatologist k paas gai?meri skin boht zada destroy ho gai ha after using this cream plz ap muj bta di k ap kis dermatologist k paas gai ho????
        Or plz ye b bta do ge ye lumix cream lahore main kaha se kis medical store se li apne?????
        Plzzzzzzzz tell me
        Waiting for ur rep

      5. Hi,

        My name is Amanda Alexander, would you be interested in sharing your experience with Faiza whitening cream?

      6. Am using faiza from. Last one week... I feel some irritation on my face. So i would lik to stop this. Aftr that do there is any chance of getting darker. Wot i hv to do

      1. Have you been using it continuously, applying the cream every night or have there been months you stopped using? I want to give this cream a try but I'm scared if I stop using it my skin may start to change colour or be burnt etc as I'm reading from other replies :/

        1. Hi mariya
          Yes I have I have had no problems with it it has been good to me I stopped using it a few months ago because I am expecting but my skin has just gone back to it original shade a Beyonce shade. But I have no burns. I will go back to it after delivery. Just don't mix wit any thing and good luck

      2. Hi, mene kbhi koi cream ni use ki lkn ab krna chahti hu, can u tell me is it goood or no??????? My age is 18

    2. im using bro but no result .. i think im using duplicate ... i will chcek .. other shop.. so other colour & code.. please tell original faiza cream colour & code.. im using white..

      1. 223190 pls dont use this cream , frm exprence i am saying pls dont , use sana beauty cream for best result ! 100 % saying !

        1. Hi,I want use good whitening cream bcz my color has become dim n got pimples on chin plz suggest me any good cream and tell me result of faiza cream I'm waiting for ur answer thanks in advance

  2. hey ,.. this is really a wrost cream ... :@ i have used it for 8 to 10 months & spoil up my skin like hell.. :/ , now i realize that i have make a very big mistake of my life :@ now m on doctor's treatment & paying so much for the treatment so to get da skin ton back... it will spoil your skin like anything & you'll not even feel lyk going out.. 🙁 .. although my complexion was quite fair only but to make it more fair i use this pathetic cream :@ & had a very dangerous experience.. :/ so it's a humble request to all out there... who are using it & to all who are planing to use it... kindly avoid such kind of cheap creams.. they are just temperary & will last a very bad side-effect on your skin.. :/ thank yOu... !!!

    1. gud advise .....um being a doctor recommend u to avoid these type of harsh cheap creams they have got worst side effects on skin leading cause of skin cancer and involves the major organ like kidney ,dont be so much complexed about ur complexion .natural complexion ix a natural look......if u r worried about for ur blackheads pimples etc etc increase ur water intake as much as double ,avoid oily food and try to wash ur face as much as possible with a clean water and avoid rubbing your face with towel or anything else.just try to dry your face in open atmosphere.....

    2. hey i saw your comment about faiza cream on the internet.
      can you tell me what exactly happened to your skin because i am so worried. i used the cream for 6 months and now that i stopped my skin is dry and is getting darker.
      please help me thnx!

      1. we often try different types of skin whitening products to look healthier white and radiant but not focus on the ingredients of the product which may contain harmful and make your skin itchy and left dark complexion sometime.Here i would recommend some basic things which may helpful for you and will make your skin naturally white.First drink plenty of water in a day,cleanse your face two times in a day with good cleanser here i would recommend the brand! garnier use creams and lotions which contain alpha arbutin,kojic acid,niacinamide and licorice extract all these ingredients you can get in shape of package like try herbal whitening lotion Hollywood style or silkface whitening cream

    3. guys Im from LAhore
      i used many creams to get my skin into good tune faiza, golden pearl, facefresh and many more
      but everytime i get pimples or rashes
      and all that efforts my Aunt advice me to use Gipsy Amazing Cream believe me my skin starts to recover and Glow within few days.
      i personally advice everyone to use Gipsy

      1. Slms sajda I'm south african but in this country I cnt find gipsy cream and so I'm using faiza it makes my skin nice coz I hve lot blk marks nd I also tried fair and lovely but it make me darker and it don't help only faiza helping so I don't no wat is best and safe if I don't use anything I look very dull and greyish pls advice tnx

        1. Hi everyone

          I have been strugling with acne for the whole year now. My face was terrible I have lost self-confidence , I v tried everything u can think of, but hey thanks to fiaza because its da olny thing that works for me. Now my face is clear, even if it has those harsh chemicals I don't care because I have suffered a lot because of acne.

          1. Well honestly I have no complaints but compliments for Faiza cream I had nasty acne but have been clear and am happy use it then a good moisturizer in the evening

          2. hi AG

    4. Hi there,

      Would you be interested in sharing your experience for a research program that I'm doing?

      Thank you!


  3. This product really destroyed my face. I'm a young Indian female who completely understands the pressures of being whiter to be seen as 'prettier' and thus turned to Faiza.
    I was first told to use use for the bad wharts i had on my eye lid and within a week or so the warts literally fell off - I was overjoyed at the results and used it all over my face and initially yes is was a miracle cream. For the first time i felt 'beautiful'. But eye sight was seriously taking a dip. I put this down to just me needing new glasses and carried on.

    Around 8/9 months later (I wasnt even using it religiously) I noticed that the pores on my cheeks were getting so big it was like holes in my face and then my skin was so thin that even being in the shade my natural oils would literally just seem through my open pores and thin skin. I just got these white heads and pimples aaaalll over my face and neck and was devastated. I would literally just not want to leave the house.

    My skin is slowly starting to get back to normal with good quality products and loads of water but I wouldn't recommend the product to anyone else.....Except maybe to remove a wart (not on your eye!)
    If you think how intense it must be to remove a wart in mere days, you can tell how strong and destructive it can be.

    1. Hi there,

      Would you be interested in sharing your experience for a research program that I'm doing?

      Thank you!


  4. There is no such thing as a bad product on a market. There is such a thing as a bad reaction and each person responds differently to different creams. Doesnt mean if the cream harmed a particular person then it would harm every single person. Also an expensive product doesn't mean or indicate that its a brilliant product. Hundreds of expensive products don't ever work. All u pay for is expensive packaging, brand costs nd import duties. If u feel a product is harming u then refrain from using it but if it works for u then stick with it. Besides beauty Should never cost the earth.

    1. Hi there,

      Would you be interested in sharing your experience for a research program that I'm doing?

      Thank you!


    2. Hi ,I am Nanda from kerala.I am 36 yr old female.I am using Faiza trade mark 212390
      Since 3 weeks.I used it daily for first 2 weeks and mow using it alternative. It really worked for me.My skin tone has Increased to 3 to 4 tone lighter.I am getting compliment from everybody I meet. SO FAR SO GOOD.I am really tensed to see about its side effects.I have literally tried all fairness cream available in market.Nothing could do any magic like faiza.it's really amazing.My skin was dull and dry.Now it's glowing.My skin is really shining.
      Pls tell Wat r the side effects of Faiza in long run.IF IT REALLY CAUSE CANCER WHY ISN'T IT GET BANNED .PLS REPLY.

  5. girls there is many fake creams.so used only original faiza beauty cream with tm#223190 and i assure you will never use other creams and if any body have side effect i will give him free doctor treatment so don't say faiza beauty cream is not good.dont use fake creams.

  6. my mum bought me this cream, and ive been using it for two days can someone please tell me if its any good? or is it bad? im really confused been looking at other peoples reviews. 50/50 some people are agreeing this is a good cream and some are saying its has side effects

  7. ive been using faiza soap for a couple of days and it has really helped to get rid of my dark spots:)

  8. I was using faiza beauty cream for quiet some time then I ws told of the chemicals that are used in it is harsh for the skin n later it will darken the skin so I switched to white gold n again was told this is a good cream but it gave me black spots n pimples which I never experienced B4 nw I'm using faiza again just only to remove my spots n will just go back to natural creams like ponds please lemme no what to do

  9. Hello there.. I heard a lot about Faiza beauty cream, mostly positive. So I wished to try it and I brought one. But I read some comments here about the fake Faiza cream. The trade mark no on the one which I brought is 242321. Can anyone help by telling me whether its original or not. Is there only one trade mark number for all the bottles?? Waiting for your valuble replay to start using it.

    Thank you.

    1. Hey there,
      The real trademark number of faiza beauty cream as per our research is 242321. Use the original cream, to not to spoil your face.

  10. 242123\223190 en dono ki add aa rahe h. Pata ni chal sakta kon c org. Hai mujy lagta hai 2no he 2no han. Ap kp faiza he use krni hai to deekh k lo jo pcsir sa manzor shoda hai wo sai ho gi. 1 he name sa 2 cream dono 1 dosry ko galt keh rahy hn. En man agar koee sai hai to dosry py cais kary


    1. Dear

      Whilst you use the cream you will see amazing results BUT the day you stop using it, your skin will go bad.

        1. Hi
          I'm from South Africa. Honestly, when I was using the cream, my skin was so amazing. I wouldn't stop getting compliments and it felt great. People would tell me how lovely my skin was looking. After 5 months of use I decided that I reached my desired skin tone and my skin looked lovely there was no need to use the cream again, so I stopped. Two weeks after I discontinued use, my skin looked so bad. I went back to being darker than I originally was (before I started using the cream) and I started getting small whiteheads all over my face. I practically went into depression. Thank God I only used it for 5 months and not longer like some people so I managed to look after my skin, nurture it and use expensive products to make it come right.

          I'm not trying to scare you or discourage you all I'm saying is, ask yourself "Now my skin looks amazing , what will happen to my skin once I stop using the cream?"

          1. Hi Rabia, the same i am also from SA and the same thing happen to my skin but only worse. i was using the cream for 2 years and now my skin is gone so weak you can see the veins and also its peeling, and red spots and when i put any other cream after i shower it burns so much. Please can you tell me what expensive cream you have used cause i am so desperate i need to save my skin. i am so worried about my face and its all through this [email protected] faiza cream. please can you help me i need to use a cream that will fix all the damage fazia has caused.

          2. Hi Anonymous

            My dear, I am so sorry to hear about your skin. Believe me, after five months of using faiza, I noticed the pores on my face were getting big and visible but luckily I stopped. Honestly dear, I recommend that you see a dermatologist ASAP because only then will you get the right advice on a way forward. At the moment I am using "Vissible effect Skin Lightening cream" to clear the dark spots and patches that faiza caused. This cream is perfectly safe and recommended by dermatologists worldwide. Your skin sounds like its badly damaged so don't use any cream as yet get a dermatologist opinion because they might recommend something stronger to repair the damages.

          3. hi Rabia
            i have been using white gold and my face has the same reaction as you mentioned when u stopped. skin got darker and more pimples. please advise what do i do.

        1. I have been using it for 2 years...it helped me alot..but now pimples are apearing on my face one aftr anothr...soo plz dont use it..

          1. hina use Gipsy Amazing Cream it will help you to remove pimples and spots or whatever you have BEST CREAM

      1. Hi there,

        Would you be interested in sharing your experience for a research program that I'm doing?

        Thank you!


  12. Hi, I have used Faiza cream for over a year and feel it is very good. It gave me a smooth pimple free skin with much lighter or rather an even toned skin..
    I just feel that those with negative comments just simply don't agree to the cream, just like some people hv allergic reaction to certain foods.. Now would u say the food is harmful?

    1. exactly guys her kisi ki skin ek jesi ni ye cream kisi ko suit ni kerti aur jise kerti h to bht achi but plz bht zyada quantity men use na karen aur ek ya do hafte tak daily karlen Usk bad alternate day pe use karen phr jab slowly slowly skin saf hojae isse hafte men ek ya do bar use karen her chez use kerne ka ek tarika hota h ab ap limit se bahar kuch bhi use Karen to side effect to honge mene bht se ladies ko use kerte dekha but mene ishi tarah ki h jese bataya h ab to kabhi jab face kam ki waja se glowing na feel ho lagaleti hun bas aisa kuch ni ye safe h lakin jiske face pe oil ane lage zyada WO use na karen aur apko ek do din men pta lagjaega k apk face per extra oil arha h that's mean apko shyd suit na kare so plz bht zyada na lagaen k face white baki black skin feel ho normal cream ki tarah use karen skin clear hojaegi i hope ye helpful ho thnx

      1. Hi apka comment parh k kuch hausla hua ha.plz ye beta do k ap konse tm ki faiza cream laga rahi ho? I am waiting

    2. Hi there,

      Would you be interested in sharing your experience for a research program that I'm doing?

      Thank you!


  13. Dont use this cream....i have used this cream for 2 years nd it helped me alot..but now pimples are appearing on my face..one after other...and blackheads.....plz dont use this harsh cream...i had a 2 years experience...i agree it works but it will make ur skin dry,pimples,blackheads....

  14. can i know whether this cream is good for the skin please.... what kind of side effects will it cause can i know where i can get the cream

  15. Hi. DON'T USE FAIZA CREAM!!! I used it for couple months, it made me a little more bright but after I stopped my whole social life stopped cause I couldn't go anywhere, it destroyed my face, I started getting more pimples and got very dark. So don't use it

    1. Hi there,

      Would you be interested in sharing your experience for a research program that I'm doing?

      Thank you!


  16. Hi.. i use dis cream often... when one pack ends..i stop using it.. my face gets the desired look..aftr dis use it twice a week... it gvs best reslts... howevr blackheads is a problm caused by it but they can b handled bu regular cleansing of face..so dont worry girls....

    1. yes dear regular cleansing n tonning koi problems ni hongi skin clear rahegi hamesha n diet ap AGR achi lo to kuch ni hota milk yougurt zarur Len aur breakfast men butter n honey bhi zarur Len ghr ka paka hua khana khaen n last thing is neharmuh ek glass pani men lemon n honey dalker piyen daily sab dagh dhabe khtam hojaenge men ishi routine ko follow kerti hun aur mashallah I have pink glowing skin so plz khud ko time den thnx.

    2. Hi there,

      Would you be interested in sharing your experience for a research program that I'm doing?

      Thank you!


  17. Hi,
    I want to buy the Faiza cream with tm#242321 . Can anyone tell me if, Faiza with tm#242321 has any side effects or anything else? Your reply was important to me ! 🙂

  18. This is the worst cream ever and has started effecting my skin badly.
    One of my friend recommended me this cream as she was getting fairer day by day. Although i was.not very dark but i had a brownish complexion which people complimented as "attractive". But since i saw my friend getting fairer, i though i should give it a try too.
    When i was using it, it worked wonders, i must tell you. I felt so pretty and it made me fairer day by day.
    But then i realised that i started getting hair on my chin. So i stopped using it. At the start my skin tone was fair. But after two weeks it started getting darker. I had this pigmentation on the side of my chin and my upper lips. I felt devastated.
    I used scrubs to get rid of the pigmentation. And after that i started getting these bumps. I am not sure if they are white heads or what. But they are bad..
    I am soon getting the dermotologist's appointment. I feel upset and i swear i dont feel like.going out.
    Please do NOT use this cream.

  19. Guys Im from LAhore
    i used many creams to get my skin into good tune faiza, golden pearl, facefresh and many more
    but everytime i get pimples or rashes
    and all that efforts my Aunt advice me to use Gipsy Amazing Cream believe me my skin starts to recover and Glow within few days.
    i personally advice everyone to use Gipsy

  20. The shittest cream i have ever used in my entire life...i heard different things about this cream but most of my friends said its bad for skin...i only used this for 2 nights in a row and the adverse reaction is sooo bad that i am actually sat writing this review in the hospital waiting for the doctor to come and see me...i wish i could post photos my face is itchy swollen and red beyond belief plz plzz plzzz dont ever use this cream on your faces just use something natural instead...it is just a conn company and should be banned and sued forever...infact i would take them to court if i lived in pakistan. At the end of the day i am so stupid because if it did turn skin colour clear and white it would be a wonder of the world and nobody would turn to cosmetic surgery neither would people need to turn to makeup if this made u white and flawless with no marks or spots...plz stay well away from this crap and use something natural instead..i wont be going into work for atleast a week but this faiza cream has scarred me for life 🙁 🙁 🙁 hate ittt

  21. Hi Everyone,
    I have been using Faiza Cream for the past 5 years. Here is my complete story:
    It worked wonder at the start. I got fairer day by day. Even my friends were shocked about this miracle. But after having been used it for almost one and a half year, I could not continue using it due to some busy routine but guess what my skin declined even more rapidly than it got better. My skin got much darker and I also faced intense pimple problem. Now my pimple issue has been resolved after having an extensive skin treatment by a dermatologist but I don't know what to do about my complexion. I have also been using Faiza again for about 6 months but its not showing any result at all about my complexion.
    So any more experienced person here, please suggest how I can get fair complexion again? Should I continue using this cream or switch to some other?

    1. Use Gipsy amazing Cream trust me friend meray sath bhi yehe issue tha !!!
      or Gipsy ko chornay kay bad bhikoi side effect nae howay mujay.
      i use it kabhi kabhi jab time mil jae but still got very fine result without any side effct

  22. Hey...am gonna use gipsy cream...but m nt sure it will work or not..actually i used to have pimples ob my forehead..then i used fair n lovly it really worked..aftr years my aunt sent me a cream golden pearl..i used tht cream to fet fairer skin..although i was having pretty glowing clear nd soft skin...everyone said ur skin is awesome u r so pretty...then i used golden pearl..it really worked..it made my skin more brighter..but by the tym i stopped using that cream my i started having pimples like white heads and black heads dark spots..i tried to many creams...ponds,fair n lovly,himalaya but no results at all..now i m going to use gipsy...i dont know how it will work...shall i use this cream???.

    1. Gipsy is A marvalous Cream you should try it
      mearay forhead buhat zayada pimples thy
      i used my medicnces but a cousn of mine advised me to use Gipsy AMAzing cream i got result in 3-4 days
      the best thing is it has no side-effects

  23. Hi

    I have been using Faiza Cream for three weeks now. Mostly cos I have pigmentation. It does wonders. After reading your comments i am gonna stop using it. Thank you guys for informing me. Everyone calls it the wonder cream. I better stick to my expensive products prescribed by my dermetologist. I literally went into the wash room and cleaned my face off. Thank God for websites like yours that us informed..

    1. fiaza cream having the ingredients which makes your face hairy
      like mercury and titanium which is poison for your husband

  24. Do not use. I live in s.a and a few people have gotten skin cancer from using this cream. Throw it out. Or rather, just stop it for 4 days and see how dark your skin becomes. Its got mercury in it.

  25. 1 of my friends used this cream her skin is so fair and her pores is invisible .she is using almost 2years and still she got no side effect and by the way think about it if u are using a product more than 6months and suddenly u discontinue its obvious u will get side effect because ur skin became addicted to the cream so its impossible to live without it.why would u do that?now i wanna start and hope it will work for me

  26. I am curious. I am from South Africa and have seen Faiza products in lots of shops. What concerns me, is that there is no ingrediants label!! Every SABS approved product, from food to nail polish, has to stipulate its contents. Surely no ingrediants label should be a warning in itself?

  27. Hey guyz,
    If any body facing any type of skin problem for your face,
    Just wash your face by LUX Soap, Then Just use Phitkri & Roll it on your skin for 2 min, After that, Just wash your face by Soap & use Phitkri 5 time in a day, When you will do Wazzu For Salat, But use 5 Times in day for just 1 or 2 week's maximum, After that use it 1 time in night before sleeping...& Oliy Skin problem person's , Specially start use.. You will get best result from this...

  28. Hi,
    there is a reason why products like clinique are so expensive. Its not just branding and packaging but also extentive testing and it is approved by dermatologists and other healthcare experts. Its tested for harmful ingredients and side effects. It is also regulated by law in terms of the ingredients used.

    Also these "expensive" products usually take a min of 6 weeks to see results and this is because the skin has many layers. Any product that can penetrate so many layers and have a repair/visible effect with a week contains ingredients that are harmful to your skin. Ingredients that are not approved or regulated by any healthcare system around the world.
    I can see why people get so hung up on these harmful creams, its giving you what you want immediately.
    I for one will never take a chance with my face. I rather stick to the old methods of cleansing, toning, moisturizing and using sunblock that to dabble in a so called "miracle cream".
    Good skincare regimes doesnt mean expensive products, i use garnier pure. It isnt as expensive as clinque and loreal, but it serves the purpose. Its also very safe to use. Read the following website for creams that contain mercury and you will realise why the moment you stopped using the cream, your features attained falls back too.

    Love yourself and take care of your skin...its the first thing ppl see when they meet u.

  29. im yasmeen from karachi my skin is oily and my issue was mujay buhat zayada pimples or back heads a gae thy 2,3 mah sae menay buhat see creams use ki but jab menay Gipsy Amazing cream use ki tu meray pimples or nishan khatam ho gae , or skin Glowing ho gae
    mei advwise karo ghi sab ko Use Gipsy cream
    best Cream

    1. Hi..,im not vry darker ,though i started to use this cream for 1mnth suddnly i suffer from pimple so i just stoped this cresm for 1weak it made me big changes in my face ,my skin bcome vry dry n vry darker before it use,nw m sufferd so pls stop this usage...nw m vry sad...

  30. Guyz, You have to use Faiza Beauty Cream,Original 223190, + in same packing with this Trade mark no 223190 Duplicate are running , & That is making Problem with your skin's Ok, Original Cream Like Dry not Oilly type cream, + 223190 Original , Another is Duplicate..

  31. we often try different types of skin whitening products to look healthier white and radiant but not focus on the ingredients of the product which may contain harmful and make your skin itchy and left dark complexion sometime.Here i would recommend some basic things which may helpful for you and will make your skin naturally white.First drink plenty of water in a day,cleanse your face two times in a day with good cleanser here i would recommend the brand! garnier use creams and lotions which contain alpha arbutin,kojic acid,niacinamide and licorice extract all these ingredients you can get in shape of package like try herbal whitening lotion Hollywood style or silkface whitening cream

  32. 19 Age hai meri mai faiza cream use kr skti hu kya
    Muje Pashina aata h faiza cream se
    mena b feel ki jb hm band krte h use krne face ek dam dark complex hote h

  33. Nilofar sheikh?did u know about gipsy amazing cream?is it good?plz any body tell me?i wanna use this cream...

    1. Yep Aqsa u should use it i was using it for 1year it made my skin Brighter and glowing as 1 i had pimples on,my face now this Cream Gipsy had really worked iwas just really shocked after the results of this cream really amazing and removed all,my acne and impurity in 1 to 6 months and now i have leave it no,sign of side effects and I m,really happy

  34. Heyyy..pls help me...i had used many creams reccomended by doctors..but still i am suffering from pimples..etc...so i lyk use faiza...so pls tell me that is it gud or bad foh me...

    1. Hey girls. I've read all ur comments and in shock! I've used this creme for over 3 years, since I was 19 and until now. I only use it 2 a week, put it on in the evening and wash it out with the soap in the morning, and cocos oli on my face in the daily hours. I Got VERY light in the begining within a few weeks, and then I started to get VERY bad experience, told my friend who got WHITE with this creme. She told me to continue but mix it with betnavot - im glad I did, cuz it works perfectly togother. My SKIN is light and clean.
      And also, our skin is different. Maybe I cant use thats good for you, and u cant use thats good for me. I've the tm w/ 24

  35. I 've purchased this cream now .. but after reading all comments i am very dipressed and thinking should i use it or not ?????

    1. Hey do be put off or depressed about the reviews one man's meat is another man's poison everyone is different so try first before u give up

    2. Rockstar different strokes for different folks give it a try you may find it actually agrees with your skin I had very bad acne I even had antibiotics from my gp and it didn't really help till I started using faiza and you know what I have had no problems my skin is so clear it hasn't made me white but my skin is blemish free no scars no spots nice and clear and I am happy
      Honestly give it a try

  36. Hi...Im a filipina from Philippines..Im using Faiza cream 2mnths from now and it has no bad side effects on me...after 2weeks of using it my face become smooth and white....before im using maxipeel #3 and everytime i stop using maxipeel der s ds tiny pimples n my face but after i used faiza and stop maxipeel all is well..so I wud recomend faiza....by d way Im a registered Nurse and staying now n UAE Abu dhabi...I should say dat all creams and beauty products had side effects neider bad or gud even d most expensive products and d most well known product hav side effects...it depends maybe on individuals..if it causes u bad den stop it...f it causes u good den continue it....because all individuals r different and beauty products react differently Depending on skin typ of a person...and also to add...dont over use d product....if it said apply in a small amount den follow wat it said..some women over applied it..some layer it wid oder product....so der will b a chemical reaction of course..d best way maybe to use a cream (any cream) s to use it purely after u wash ur face and cleanse it wid water and soap.me as a nurse...I recomend to wash ur face before and after u go to bed dats d best thing u do and drink plenty of water to hydrate ur skin..if only i can post my face here for u to see d faiza cream result on me..i will for d proof.. .gud morning hup it help god bless us ladies

  37. Can any one say me which trade mark z original. . Am planing to buy faiza cream but aftr luking aal d reviews em woried.pls suggest me.

  38. Please tell me anybody .. me started to use faiza beauty cream 242321 before 1weak it have any effect..still i stop or use please tell me....and help meeee

  39. Hai am using this cream for 5 months.after stoping this cream my face condition was so bad ..pimples are grown,eye brows are gone and now iam feard about any other dangerous side effects.i think allah will protect me.so please dont use this cream my brothers and sisters this is a humble request

  40. Am a village girl from india kerala yesterday i started using faiza but now i saw the comments here oh my god what i do i need a fair complexion.i bought it with more hope and dramed about a white face now some guys discourage me so please tell me the fact

    1. Dear I also usin faiza frm 2 weeks nd it works.. but now I feel my skinh going thinner and thinner.. it works but I have feeling that it has steroid as in this pack ingredients not displayed... an going quit it so am here.. I am frm Maldives

    2. I hav read that ur frm kerala .. im too frm kerala.. i would lyk to ur place.. i like to buy this prdt. But reading this reviews i dont knw wot to do ? Suggest me any another prdt for skin whitening

  41. the only concern I have is , why hiding the ingredients???? this is really poisonous I wish our government can ban such things in SA

  42. Seems it is very disgusting... Mostly negative reviews. I just ordered in online but now I'm going to cancel my order. Thank god....... Hey guys for sharing your experience.. It means lot people like me. Bcs I can't bear it...

  43. Hi. I'm from South Africa. This cream was the worst mistake of my life. It made my pores so big and my skin is damaged. I'm now using pond's anti mark cream to remove dark marks. Don't Ever use this cream.......

  44. Please don't use these type of creams! Faiza contains excess amount of mercury in it.Basically most of the skin whitening creams contains mercury and other dangerous chemicals. Also,mercury is the most dangerous thing on the earth.Using these type of creams frequently can cause skin cancer or liver damage.These mercury materials may get inside your body while applying on your skin day by day and even damages our organs internally.So please stop using these type of whitening creams FOR your GOOD.

  45. Plz plz plz don't use this shittiest dangerous creams from pakistan ,they are very dangerous,containining very dangerous chemical known as mercury,I am suffering ftprom the extreme headache bcoz of this cream ,woman u look gud the way that you are never change for the worst,this cream is a killer cream plz don't try it

  46. Use Pure Face Wash ....sub pimples khtam ho jaty hain don't use this type of creams ...simply use Pure Face Wash ...ap logo ko khud farak feel hoga....

  47. It has been 2 years using faiza n the result is fantastic.. i hv noticed it is gud in winters only...

  48. Hello frndz I was using faiza beautycream.I got good results.now I m pragnant.can any body plz tell me is it safe to use in pragnancy or not?plz urgently reply me

  49. Faiza beauty cream use karne k bad k nuksan se bachney ka farmula boht easy hai.Its all natural and back gud response.
    Thori si gulab ki patian us me thora yogert 3or4 ellachi cheel kar dalein ek chutki haldi or 4or5 badam ise achi tarah mix kar k skin pe lagain or zyada dry na hone dein phir water se dho kar 15 min taq soap na use karein ye faida bhi de ga or pehle se zyada colour fair kare ga.Thanks.

  50. Asslam-o-Alaikum to everyone I told u that the everyone wants become white andlooks beautiful and for this boys and girls use different creams which is very expensive and different products and they destroy there face I have good news to all that I have a complete curse of whitening treatment it is no an injection not surgery it a curse which have 12cpsulea 12impulse one body wash and cream and Alhamdulillah many people use this course and get good results without any problems and side effects it is safe and secure and effort abe price it is jxt Rps:pkr 20000 if any one get this course so contact this number
    And I also use this chk my pix if u r not trust us

  51. Maru skin dark spot bhot ha koi btay ga kon sy cream use kru bhot sai doctor k pas gya bt ni teq howy plz koi axhi sy cream bta dy plz


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