Tibet Snow Face Cream Reviews

Tibet Snow Face Cream Reviews
Tibet Snow Face Cream Reviews

This cream is a product a Kohinoor Chemicals. It’s use keeps dust off. It makes skin dust-proof and particles of dust are also removed conveniently. No matter how rough work you have to do, Tibet Snow Face Cream will your skin, hands velvety and soft. Tibet snow is a prevention against blackheads and pimples.  Skin remains free from bacterial diseases and rashes as well harsh effects of winter. After long walk, massage of tibet snow on your feet not only keeps your skin naturally soft but it is also a prevention against corns particularly in old age. If cream gets hard owing to climatic effect a little quantity of hot water can be added and this will bring cream to its original state. Drawback: Have mercury in it in small quantity which is potentially damaging to skin.


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  1. I have used Tibet bleach cream mostly used in villages becaise of its low price. It is first time seeing Tibet cold cream. I hope this also would be available at low price. Again people of villages like me enjoy this cold cream in winter.


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