Stillmans Skin Bleach Cream Reviews

Stillman's Skin Bleach Cream Reviews
Stillman’s Skin Bleach Cream Reviews

Stillman’s Bleach Cream whitens the skin and dispels sallowness.

Stillman’s know the true secret of changing dull, uneven and wheatish complexion into bright, even toned and fair skin.

Go ahead and try this legendary product that has over many years fulfilled the desire for fair skin of millions of users worldwide.

Ingredients of Stillman’s Skin Bleach Cream are also good for skin.


46 thoughts on “Stillmans Skin Bleach Cream Reviews”

  1. I used this cream for one month regularly. But i found it not good for skin. It make my skin somewhat darker than the regular with pimples on the face. When I applied this cream on my face after few hours of night i feel my face skin heating up regularly. But when i stopped using this cream I never feel like this. Finally I would say its not a beauty cream. I would not recommend you to use this as beauty cream.

    1. I am surprised to know that. Since I use Stillman's I can tell you for sure that it is very effective. It lightens your skin within a few weeks. Ayesha if you are encountering a problem I suggest you to buy it from some other superstore since fake copy of products are available in the market.

    2. Ayesha this cream is very good but know the way people apply this cream is wrong this cream is hot so plz don't massage it on ur face completely just apply roughly on ur face it will show u result

  2. i bought week ago from a superstore. applying it daily in night before i sleep. im happy to see the result that its really working . im feeling happy with my face=) i would say it will work work more effectively if u have good diet sifficient intake of liquids fresh juices fruits salad n getting a proper cleansing with some good quality milk cleanser . as i m doing the same . good luck girls ..=)

  3. i am using this cream from 2 years and i used it with other creams but i still have a wheatish complexion i tried hard to have a fair complexion but failed and many of my friends use this cream and have fair complexion except me :'( what should i do

  4. sidra from uk 3 saal pehly i shifted uk from pakistan unfortunately shift honay kay bad dont know what happend to my skin my skin got very dark black pimples, and very bad tune shakal Dhaknay ko bhi dil nae karta tha sheshay mei
    buuuhat sary doctors ko dikhaya udher par i still got no result ..
    any how mei ek din phone pae doctor ko apny issue ka bata rae thi , my maid was listining to me and she said bagi apko ek cream ka batao jo apki skin thek kr dae ... menay socha is nae kaya batana hai koi 2 number ki cream ka bol de ghi us sae zayada masla na ho jae ..
    but i have no choice usny mujay pakistan sae Gipsy AMAzing Cream ki ek dabi mangwa ky de apny bhai sae !!!!
    menay ALLLAH ka naam lae ky shuro ki use karna jab lagai tu mirchi lagi i said to her agar kuch howa to i will kill you she said bagi shuru mei mirchi lagay gae after using 2,3 days u will get result ... menay 10 days use ki mujay buhat acha response mila .
    im stilling using it 6, 7 month ho gae hai got nooo SIDE EFECTS :)))
    good thing is mei ab PAKIstan Sae IMPORT KARKY idher UK mei Sale kr rae ho GOT very good response !!!!

  5. Hey, I am Ava. I am Pakistani, and I was really fair and had clear skin as a child. Then when I got to middle school, I had so much blackheads and acne like every teenager does. I also had swimming classes, so my complexion got multiple shades darker. It's has been 3 years since I have been using Stillman's Bleaching cream and the results are mind blowing. I use it every night and when I went back to school, all of my friends asked me if I was okay because my skin was so much fairer and paler. The only negative thing about this product is that if I don't apply it for a day or two, my pimples start right away and I get a few shades darker. I heard that there are dangerous mercury levels but my mom has been using it since when was a kid and I have been using it for 3+ years and nothing health related has happened to us. Well. Hopefully it isn't true. So yeah, this product works so fast and good, but goes away if you don't use it for a day. Good luck!

  6. Meri skin buht dull,rough, dry hai.pimples or dark circkles bhi hain.i've tried almost every cream but koi faida age is 20.please somebody help me

  7. This cream is good for dry skin and normal skin.not suited for oily has slow but continous working it has no side effect trust me.apply small amount for cream everytime on dry face

  8. Can we apply this still men cream on hands. Tough m v fair but I go out much my hands got tanned is this cream works on hands ??

  9. It will give you a good result, I have used this cream but when you are using this cream avoid sun totally or cover your face because sun will make your skin much black than your regular color so avoid sun and you have to use this cream for at least one month to get the results and when you feel that your gained the good color stop using this cream and avoid sun light for one month after stop using this cream then only you can maintain your color.

    1. Can u tell me where I can get original creams plz I bought around 4 times but all r fake iam from Hyderabad

  10. Hi everyone....i ve been using stillman s for years n i have a fair gives good results in start but i wont suggest anyone to use stillman s coz your skin gets used to it n you cant use any other product i.e moisturisers,base or face wash etc ...n after sometime pigmentation occurs 🙁 now i want to get rid of it but i cant use any other cream:-(

    1. no...u can easily apply makeup over your skin,i'm also using this cream...the actual way of using this cream is that u have to apply it regularly for some days but after getting the required result, reduce the use and apply 2 or 3 times aa week,it has no side effect

  11. it gives you good result but problem of this cream is we have to use it continuously as soon as we left using this cream again skin will take their original form

  12. hey guys
    I am using this cream for last month and my skin getting good complexion . my mother using this cream since many years, and still she have a good skin, i read all these comments and few of you all got side-effect, so the reason is that every body have different type of skin, so that why some of you got good result or some bed.

  13. Does stillman's bleach cream have expiration date on it? I have few with me but there's no expiration date on it . just wanted to make sure that is it safe to use? all the stillman's bleach cream come without expiration date? Please confirm

    1. Never ever Use this cream,This contains high level of mercury.I used it once and I have been suffering with contact dermatitis since then.just eat fresh food and keep your skin clean.I regret everyday

  14. Hello im safa i have been using this cream along with stillmans freckle cream initially the results were nyc i have been using for about 7 months but i now even though im using this my complexion is turning back to original one.. Can u please tell why is dis happening im really worried

  15. Does it work or not? Is due, golden pearl, faiza better than stillmans? Or should mix stillmans with betnovate/??? PLZ ANSWER SOMEONE

  16. I wanna say that if this cream give u result in 2,3 days then u can imagine how many chemicals have been used in it. I prefer such fairness creams are bad dont even use those cream. Why dont this cream give us permanent results cause this cream have shit loads of chemicals in it so that lz dont try it. Cause our face is having the most sensitive skin so plz have proper information about using such products

  17. Does stillman's bleach cream have expiration date on it? I have few with me but there's no expiration date on it . just wanted to make sure that is it safe to use? all the stillman's bleach cream come without expiration date? Please confirm


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