Skin White Gold Beauty Cream Reviews

Skin White Gold Beauty Cream ReviewsA Product by Skin Care, a skin whitening cream. This whitening cream is specially formulated with high quality natural herbal extract that specially targetsproblem areas. Trusted formula – helps lighten darks spots while removing dead skin cells gradually within 1-4 Weeks. High quality natural and botanical ingredients have been carefully blended and specially formulated with skin lightening agents, boost skin clarity and tone. Can use for a long time, skin will not turn darker than before if discontinued. Safe to use for a continued period of time.


Good choice to be used. This cream doesn’t leaves after usage effects. Imparts bright and fairer color until you use it. After leaving effects not considerably observed. Have natural ingredients which protects skin cells and its softness.

How To Use:

Wash Your face and pat dry it. Apply cream and massage onto your face. Before sleeping at night repeat the same procedure.

The best way to clean your skin and enhance skin colour is to use natural homemade tips, find them here


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  1. As company claiming results after first use. It is true. I came to know that this cream isn't rich with chemicals but I am wonder about its results. No after effects when you stop using this cream. Meanwhile other face whitening creams are rich with chemicals and have lot of bad effects. The major one is whenever you will stop using them you will feel your face darker.

  2. Purely chemical free cream. One don't need to get hesitated before using it, It has botanical ingredients which are skin friendly. Within a short time visible and effective skin tone improvement along with removed dark patches and pimples can be seen. Recommended for getting improvement in skin.

      1. Hello, I've used this cream for about 3 months but left it. But within the duration i have never experienced any irritation or spots on my skin. Safe to use if its original.

  3. I have been using this cream for a year now and I am happy with it. It removes little imperfections and evens out the skin tone.

  4. Is it effective as due whitening cream? Ive used due and I got the results just in 5 days but now im using skin white gold beauty cream since 15 days and still not a single effect. How long shall I use it to have my skin whiten?

        1. hi may you please do me a fever ,i stay in Port Elizabeth and i need the white gold cream i need you to buy for me i will pay your labour.

  5. Hello everyone..i want to knw if theres any side effects for the ones using it n for how long they r using it..i have some unwanted dark spots n its really irritating 🙁

  6. hi frnds,i have started using this cream..,,it is really a great one..,i feel comfortable with it..,,i hope it will show the gud effects on my skin!

  7. hello,
    How long shall I use it to have my skin whiten?
    i have used it for 15 days but no effects?

  8. nihayet he bekar cream hai.mera personal experience cream ko use krny k bad meri skin pay pimples nikal aye hain or skin ruff hogai hai. plz dont use it.

    1. Saima bilkul100% sahi kaha bohat bakwas cream hay yay may nay is ko jahn jahn lgya whan notice kya kay pimples nikal rhay hain chotay chotay dont use this plzzzxxxx

  9. nihayet he bekar cream hai
    mera personaly experience ko use krny k bad meri skin py pimples nikal aye hain or skin b ruff hogai hai.may sb larkyo ko recomt krti ho k plz dont use it.

  10. hi everyone if u have sensitive skin ,or any skin please stay away from it !
    I've freckles on my skin , i bought 2 creams it gave me darker skin
    and swelling ,pimples after 2 weeks use. my face my skin got worse like dead fish ! before i bought Skin White Gold Beauty Cream i read all this good review now i regret why Ive even read it i think its a scam and fraud ! not only me my sister in Pakistan had same problem bottom line please don't waste your money on this rubbish cream I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!.

  11. dont use these fake creams... jst go to hi tone cream which was sugested to me by skin specialst.... good results.. its medicated cream

      1. hi tone cream is a medicated cream.... not so expensive .... available only at big pharicies n clinics...... but amazing results.... use at night daily...its safe

  12. My dear sisters such beauty creams are harmful. I used one of these for 6 months. I got amazing results BT after that my skin becomes so rough and full of acne. I had to take treatment for 1 year frm a skin spec. These creams increase yr facial hair growth. I will recomnd u to not use these creams.

    1. Meray cheeks per open pores hain jo hain to bohat kam lakin mujay bohat buray lagtay hain iss k ilawa meray chahray per danay dagh dabbay hain aur ranngat b kafi sanwali ha main ne bohat si cream use ki hain lakin koe faraq nahi parh raha plz mujay koe achi si cream bata dain plzzzz

      1. Sandal whitening cream from saeed ghani is a good cream, u can try this, few days ago I had swelling, allergy and redness but after treatment I started using sandal whitening cream and it is good Alhamdulillah

  13. sidra from uk 3 saal pehly i shifted uk from pakistan unfortunately shift honay kay bad dont know what happend to my skin my skin got very dark black pimples, and very bad tune shakal Dhaknay ko bhi dil nae karta tha sheshay mei
    buuuhat sary doctors ko dikhaya udher par i still got no result ..
    any how mei ek din phone pae doctor ko apny issue ka bata rae thi , my maid was listining to me and she said bagi apko ek cream ka batao jo apki skin thek kr dae ... menay socha is nae kaya batana hai koi 2 number ki cream ka bol de ghi us sae zayada masla na ho jae ..
    but i have no choice usny mujay pakistan sae Gipsy AMAzing Cream ki ek dabi mangwa ky de apny bhai sae !!!!
    menay ALLLAH ka naam lae ky shuro ki use karna jab lagai tu mirchi lagi i said to her agar kuch howa to i will kill you she said bagi shuru mei mirchi lagay gae after using 2,3 days u will get result ... menay 10 days use ki mujay buhat acha response mila .
    im stilling using it 6, 7 month ho gae hai got nooo SIDE EFECTS :)))
    good thing is mei ab PAKIstan Sae IMPORT KARKY idher UK mei Sale kr rae ho GOT very good response !!!!

    1. Mere face pe bhi pimples hain kya ma ye use karon to thek ho jayen gyna ? I agree with u Maine kafi Logon se sunna ha k Gipsy Amazing cream is the best cream in pak but I didn't use it... So plz u tel

      1. Hi All

        Please I advise u all about not using this cream on your face. I have seen Wat has happened to my friends face. She was using this cream for 1 month it worked well gave her glowy look after dat her skin became more dark n a lot of pimples she is getting treatment from the doctor. Please stay away

  14. U people complain too much not every cream u use is going to help u, find out your skin type and then u can purchase creams. U can't blame the creams its your skin. I go for facials every month and bleaching that helps and I guarantee u it really does WORK! TRUST ME...

  15. Dear Sir / Madam

    I am in South Africa. Please can I have the contact details of a supplier in South Africa for New Natural Whitening & Moisturizing anti-wrinkle 24 Gold moisturizing face cream

    Many Thanks

  16. Its a gd cream
    i have sensitive oily skin
    i m using this cream for two months now
    it made my skin fairer ,dark spots are reduced
    i would definately recomand ths cream

  17. plzzzz avoid these cream...i had seen many bad results of this type of formula cream...... just waste of money.... beleive me

  18. simple way just go to any skin docter he / she can help you..avoid these steroid cream... the price of this cream is 230 pkr... can u beleive.. if this type of creams gives u whitening resul acne free dark spot free soft suple skin in just 230 rupes... what is this yr

  19. I used many my skin is wrost ana have facial hairs.
    Plz help me which i can use for fair frm pakistan

  20. I've used due cream it work wonderful made me white but ended up with kidney problems nephrotic syndrome I nearly died and spent 10 days in hospital.

  21. hi, I have just purchased White Gold after seeing the results on someone else but am hesitant to use it after reading some of the bad reviews. If its so safe why is the ingredients not disclosed on
    the package and there's another orange and white page leaflet inside which as an sms no. and it says this "YEH PRODUCT" 2 Number" hae. isay NAkharidain. This Product is FAKE can damage your skin. Be Aware. Thanks.
    What does this mean?

    1. Hi Vino

      Thx for the response. I also purchased this cream and it has the same thing you mentioned inside the box. I have not used it. Still in my cupboard, I have a friend who is using this cream it gave her a very bright look but know has lots of facial hair growing on her face. I don't trust this cream n I'm happy I never use it. Will get rid of it These knew creams out der in the market dey sell really cheap and it can damage ur skin. Cause like you said the don't give out the ingredients to it

  22. Hi everyone my friend Said I must use white gold cream. It's nyc. It will help with the dark marks and oillyness in my face. But I'm not sure if I must use it. Eat if it makes my skin more bad. Pls help thanks

  23. I'm so totally amazed at what a cheap cream like White Gold has done for my skin. I had awful hormonal issues and I bought extremely expensive creams that didn't really work. I had bough WG and decided to give it a try....within two weeks my skin looked amazing and I felt confident again. I guess WG is designed for Indian skin unlike the expensive products that's designed for European skin and ofcourse they are going to hate competition very especially by a design of cream that's so cheap but does wonders.

    1. Hi All

      Please I advise u all about not using this cream on your face. I have seen Wat has happened to my friends face. She was using this cream for 1 month it worked well gave her glowy look after dat her skin became more dark n a lot of pimples she is getting treatment from the doctor. Please stay away

  24. Hi
    What is the difference in content & safety between the Golden Pearl cream which is amazing !!! cos you see immediate results ...the and new White Gold cream which I'm considering using ?
    Thanks a mill...

  25. The best cream to use is Meladerm. It may be costly, but it will give you the best results. And there's a 30 money back day guarantee. Don't settle for these fake creams cause you're just going to cause your face more damage than you had initially when you stop using them.

  26. Hi. I hve been using WG for 2 weeks n see results already. Smells fruity . I use it together with the WG soap. My skin used to be blotchy n oily n now feels so good . Feel much more confident now n I will def recommend for south african indian skin.

  27. I developed freckles about 15 years ago. Nothing helped. I started using the White Gold about 3 months ago & within a week, the freckles started getting lighter. I now have no freckles. It also helped with the dark circles under my eyes. I am very happy with this cream. No redness, itching or any other side effects while using. A brilliant product!!

  28. Has anyone experienced any bad side effects with white gold anti marks cream. I started using it anf my marks have gotten lighter but I'm worried about stopping incase it its gets darker. Does anyone know the active ingredients?

  29. im looking for white gold cream ,any one who can offer help i stay in Port Elizabeth can pay for the labour and the money to post


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