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Parley Herbal Whitening Cream Reviews and Price

Parley Herbal Whitening Cream Review and Price in Pakistan

In the world, researches have proved that avocado has rich minerals and vitamins which are beneficial for skin. Vitamins A,B,D, Magnesium, Copper, Iron, Amino Acid and Folic Acid are extremely essential for the skin as they penetrate to the bottom layer of skin. Fatty acid balanced the moisture in the skin and make it 100% fairer, moisturized, glowing and attractive. Steroline which known to reduce the appearance to aging and to provide relief from sun damage. Collegen maintains the structure and elasticity of the skin and regenerates it which gives you beautiful, glowing skin with the guarantee of Parley. Note: Don’t massage the cream. If your skin is sensitive and use of cream makes rashes or itching stop using and continue it after some days.

Is the Parley Herbal Whitening Cream Right for me

Yes, if you need more than just a whitening cream. It not only lightens your skin, but also helps prevent dark spots, skin darkening and protects from UVA & UVB rays.

Proven Results in 4 Weeks

  • Skin softer more radiant and even-toned
  • Dark Spots Visibly Reduces
  • Gives you a Healthy fair Look

Parley Herbal Whitening Cream Price in Pakistan

Retail Price of Parley Whitening Cream in Pakistan is Rs. 350/-


Hurain Whitening Cream

Hurain Whitening Cream
Hurain Whitening Cream

HURAIN, power light 15 SPF, is an excellent cream for beauty and for whitening color. Your skin gets effected with daily sunlight, pollution and dust etc.Which cause black spots and blackness of your colour. HURAIN produces power light. Its very first application adds so much to your beauty that you cannot imagine. A nice, wonderful and surprising change comes to your beauty on the first application of HURAIN. It has rich ingredients that separate black dead cells from your skin making your skin soft, shining, white and galmouring. Colour gets clear and white day by day its daily use.
This cream is rich with natural cogic acid peliminates and protects skin from black spots. You will see that black spots are disappearing by the use of the cream. PSF 15 protects your skin from sun stroke and removes black sports. Now gets beauty from the use of this cream. It gives such a performance that you will see yourself.

INGREDIENTS: Cogic Acid D: It is natural agent for whitening the colour of skin and reduces black spots occurring on the skin. It is a combination of UN rays fruit and vegetable which is helpful in whitening the skin.
Whiteness your skin in five Days.
Removes Acne and pimples in 3 Days.
Removes Dark Spots and in 14 days.
Directions for use: To whitening face, use cream twice a day, protecting eyes.

A Pakistani Registered Product manufactured by FAIZA ENTERPRISES


How To Lose Weight For Teens

Easy Weight Loss Exercises For Women
Easy Weight Loss Exercises For Women

Easy ways to lose weight for teens quickly in an amazing ways. It is very easy for teens to lose weight very fast and in a week.

Go for Shopping & Lose Weight

Going for shopping and searching your lovely, most wanted products from the market at affordable price, if not found don’t buy something else just plan another visit to market. This way you will lose your weight in a magic way without your concentration on exercises. Your husband might not like this but this is amazing and best modern way of weight loss.

Use Stairs & Lose Weight

Most modern shopping malls and super markets and offices  facilitate with lifts and accelerates. Don’t use them prefer to use stairs and walk on foot. You will lose around 48 thousand calories as per research findings.

Go for Outing & Lose Weight

Out is another easiest way to loose weight by walking in the parks, running on jogging tracks, playing with kids during outing, visiting your friends or just checking market trends without shopping.

Games with Kids & Lose Weight

Playing with kids at home, park or any place where you can move around or move your body parts while busy with kids. You lose your weight very easily.

Daily Shower & Lose Weight

Taking daily shower, changing cloths, and movement during cleaning your body parts also keep you healthy, happy and slim.

Clean Your Home & Lose Weight

Cleanliness is very important in our live but if we do it by ourselves it make us healthy, happy and help us to lose our weight.

Regular Cooking & Lose Weight

Cooking at home by yourself and making all the arrangements for cooking like buying items from market, cutting, and cooking while you moving around in your kitchen will help you a lot to lose your weight. Daily cooking definitely stops you from over eating and irregular dieting.

Avoid Over Eating & Lose Weight

Only eat when ever you need and Don’t eat when you don’t need. Healthy eating keep your stomach fit but meanwhile overeating can damage your stomach performance and get you into many harmful diseases.


Faiza Whitening Beauty Cream Reviews

Faiza Beauty Cream Reviews
Faiza Beauty Cream Reviews

Faiza Whitening Beauty Cream Reviews. Faiza cream uses and reviews

To remove pimples freckles and blackness of the face. Faiza Beauty Cream is used for spotless, beautiful and white color Face. Within few days of usage, you will feel the difference.

Faiza Beauty Cream is the latest product in market. Company claims that using this cream for couple of days removes pimples from the face. If applied on ares of dark spots, they can be reduced. It enhances you face color by lightening skin tone. Users have observed best results when applied two times a day and specially over night applying have proven great results.

How To Use:

Apply cream to face and massage through whole face covering dark spots areas. Under eyes, on forehead massage cream well. For good results apply two times a day.


Some people have observed excellent results and they wish to continue it. But some had worse effects. It can be the reason that some people are using other chemical products too. OR they had already chemically treated their faces with many of the products and made their facial skin resistant of the effects of cream.


For people who have not applied any chemical products before or they don’t use such products but still have dull and pimpled face, they should give this cream a try for sure.The facebook official page of Faiza Beauty Cream also claims that they won the best cream award in 2014.

We just provide you reviews written by our visitors and their experiences before and after using this or any other cream.

The Best way to keep your skin fair and glowing without side effects is to use natural fairness tips. You can find effective tips here 


Revlon Natural Honey Skin Conditioning Lotion Reviews

Revlon Natural Honey Skin Conditioning Lotion Reviews
Revlon Natural Honey Skin Conditioning Lotion Reviews

Revlon Natural Honey Skin Conditioning Lotion Reviews

Ingredients of Revlon Natural Honey Skin Conditioning Lotion are not harmful at all.


Whenever skin feels:


Even extremely dry, chapped moisture-robbed skin responds quickly to natural honey lotion’s penetrating, moisturizing care. Real Honey (Nature’s own moisturizer) blended with natural protein, sweet almond oil and herbs brings instant, lasting relief. Helps prevent moisture loss on hands, legs, body – all over.


From overwork, harsh abrasives, neglect. Rich, creamy Natural Honey Lotion helps restore softness, relieve tender skin. Contains silicone to help protect against detergents. Absorbs on contact, non-greasy.


Due to over-exposure to wind, sun, cold, water. Natural honey Lotion eases away peeling, flaking skin-leaves skin feeling refreshed and conditioned. Use before and after outdoor exposure to help keep skin moist, supple and smooth.


Skin White Gold Beauty Cream Reviews

Skin White Gold Beauty Cream ReviewsA Product by Skin Care, a skin whitening cream. This whitening cream is specially formulated with high quality natural herbal extract that specially targetsproblem areas. Trusted formula – helps lighten darks spots while removing dead skin cells gradually within 1-4 Weeks. High quality natural and botanical ingredients have been carefully blended and specially formulated with skin lightening agents, boost skin clarity and tone. Can use for a long time, skin will not turn darker than before if discontinued. Safe to use for a continued period of time.


Good choice to be used. This cream doesn’t leaves after usage effects. Imparts bright and fairer color until you use it. After leaving effects not considerably observed. Have natural ingredients which protects skin cells and its softness.

How To Use:

Wash Your face and pat dry it. Apply cream and massage onto your face. Before sleeping at night repeat the same procedure.

The best way to clean your skin and enhance skin colour is to use natural homemade tips, find them here


Pantene Pro V Oil Replacement Reviews


Message from the Company on the product packing.

Smoothness for Dry and Frizzy Hair, Smooth & Strong Oil Replacement

Today’s problems need today’s solutions. Pantene Smooth & Strong Oil Replacement combines the power of oil with Pantene’s Pro-V science to:

  • Nourish and strengthen your hair
  • Help repair and protect your hair from damage
  • Help prevent future split ends
  • Silken each strand leaving your hair beautifully smooth.

Directions of Use:

  1. Apply Oil Replacement after using Pantene’s shampoo and conditioner.
  2. Spread a small amount on your hand.
  3. Apply on your wet hair starting from the tips and continuing along the length. No need to rinse it off.
  4. Style your hair as usual.

Ingredients of Pantene Pro V Oil Replacement

Stearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, Benzyl Alcohol