Hurain Whitening Cream

Hurain Whitening Cream
Hurain Whitening Cream

HURAIN, power light 15 SPF, is an excellent cream for beauty and for whitening color. Your skin gets effected with daily sunlight, pollution and dust etc.Which cause black spots and blackness of your colour. HURAIN produces power light. Its very first application adds so much to your beauty that you cannot imagine. A nice, wonderful and surprising change comes to your beauty on the first application of HURAIN. It has rich ingredients that separate black dead cells from your skin making your skin soft, shining, white and galmouring. Colour gets clear and white day by day its daily use.
This cream is rich with natural cogic acid peliminates and protects skin from black spots. You will see that black spots are disappearing by the use of the cream. PSF 15 protects your skin from sun stroke and removes black sports. Now gets beauty from the use of this cream. It gives such a performance that you will see yourself.

INGREDIENTS: Cogic Acid D: It is natural agent for whitening the colour of skin and reduces black spots occurring on the skin. It is a combination of UN rays fruit and vegetable which is helpful in whitening the skin.
Whiteness your skin in five Days.
Removes Acne and pimples in 3 Days.
Removes Dark Spots and in 14 days.
Directions for use: To whitening face, use cream twice a day, protecting eyes.

A Pakistani Registered Product manufactured by FAIZA ENTERPRISES


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